The 23 year old actress Leighton Meester is a popular and well known sex icon - err, actress - known for her role in Gossip Girl, the TV show. She plays the sexy and exuberant Blair Waldorf on it, which has earned her critical claim, but the current bidding wars breaking out in Los Angeles over her sex tape are but a whisper of the new found fame she's sure to find as yet another Hollywood star makes the tabloids in a sexy, steamy video.

Leighton Meester, unlike her fellow sextape starlets Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, was not born to a rich upper-crust house of privilege and spoiled pretensions. Her parents were drug smugglers and she escaped her childhood by becoming an actress and model in New York. Breaking out in the movie Hangman's Curse, she went on from the film to act in shows such as Law & Order, 7th Heaven, Entourage, and 24.

She also had a famous feature on House MD as a young teenage girl (she was in her twenties at the time, so relax!) trying to seduce the show's witty doctor. In this role we got to see a side of her we hadn't seen before, as a kinky and volatile sex kitten. Leighton Meester followed it up by playing the role of the sexy, spoiled brat Blair Waldorf, a socialite living in Manhattan. The role has garnered her tons of attention and awards as one of Hollywood's best dressed young up-and-comers, and she is starting to get roles in major films alongside such luminaries such as Steve Carrell and Tina Fey.

However, what may make her really famous (or infamous) is her sextape of a couple years ago, which revisits her volatile sexuality that we've all seen in her movies and TV appearances. The starlet is by all accounts a total freak, putting her "talented feet" to creative use and showing off a lot of her formidable assets. Unlike a lot of sex tapes, this one promises to be a very erotic and tantalizing foray into the private life of one of TV's and the silver screen's most alluring starlets, with none of the "lay there and fuck me" attitudes ubiquitous to some of the sex tapes we've seen recently (Paris Hilton, we're looking your way...).

Set to come out very soon, be sure to be among the first to see it; it will blow your mind, and maybe even more ;)

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Leighton Meester Sextape
Leighton Meester Sextape